PSLV - C20 successfully launched (SARAL )

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 Date: 25-Feb-2013                   Time:17:56 Hrs

          PSLV-C20 is identified as a dawn-dusk SSPO mission carrying SARAL (Satellite with ARgos and ALtika), an ISRO-CNES (France) joint venture, as the primary satellite and six auxiliary satellites.PSLV Core Alone variant is employed for this mission. Dual Lauch Adapter is used for accommodating the satellites. This is the 23rd PSLV mission of ISRO and 9th mission using PSLV Core Alone variant. 
         A Single Launch of 7 Satellites SARAL and other Six Commercial Payloads.
1.SARAL                                409 Kg
2.SAPPHIRE                           148 Kg
3.NEOSSat                              74 Kg
4.NLS 8.1
(UniBRITE)              14Kg
5.NLS 8.2 (BRITE)                   14Kg
6.NLS 8.3 (AAUSAT3)              3Kg
7.STRaND-1                             6.5Kg

      Aimed to carry medium size payloads useful for the applications in the areas of earth imaging, ocean & atmospheric studies, space science, etc, without significant changes in the bus.
        Objective is to deploy an operationally acceptalble space based surveillance to contribute to the US Space Surveillance Network (SSN)
     For detecting and tracking asteroids and satellites in Geo-stationary orbit.
4.NLS 8.1 (UniBRITE) 
       Its mission is to photometrically measure low level oscillations and temperature variations in stars brighter than visual magnitude (4.0), with unprecedented precision and temporal coverage not achievable through terrestrial based methods.
5.NLS 8.2 (BRITE)  
            It is used to observe the blue region of the light spectrum.
6.NLS 8.3 (AAUSAT3) 
           It is used for the study of receiving AIS signals from ships in arctic regions.
           Objective is to fly state-of-the art technologies and new developments in low Earth orbit.

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